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A fascinating and thrilling game in which you may pouhazhivat for genuine aliens who require your assistance and love
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June 12, 2022
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A fascinating and thrilling game in which you may pouhazhivat for genuine aliens who require your assistance and love

Wash it and go with it for strolls, play different creating mini-games and bring in cash, which you can spend on renewing the closet, different furnishings, and nourishment for your pet. The game Pou mod apk can defer you for a long time of the game, be cautious, because, in a couple of days, the applications have figured out how to acquire an immense multitude of fans.

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We enjoy playing with and caring for our pets. Today, there are a plethora of easily accessible pet games to choose from, and each one is delightful. In any event, if you need to deal with a different kind of pet that doesn’t exist anywhere, get Pou right now and enjoy! Pou refers to a pet that is in a bad mood, hence the name. You’ll have to take care of your pet in this game by feeding it, bathing it, and playing with it. Hay day mod apk is another exciting game like this.

This game, which was distributed by Zakeh and is still going strong, is one of the pioneers in the pet genre. It’s been played by a lot of people, but now isn’t the time for you to cope with one! Enjoy feeding your pet a variety of foods such as cakes, fries, treats, and other items. You can also offer your pet potions to help him step up and gain a better physique. Enjoy holding your pet while playing a variety of mini-games!

What exactly is Pou?

Pou is the name of the main character in the game, as well as a pet that you must care for. It’s a monster… no, it’s an outsider-like animal with a shape that resembles a potato. Pou’s “hazardous” feature, though, was his huge, chubby frame and enormous round eyes. It appears to be so genuine and great that you must embrace it right away. Pou has elicited sympathy from the start and has made you feel compelled to deal with him right away.

Deal with Pou 

Pou resembles all typical pets like canines, and felines, to grow up he wants to eat. In this way, you ought not to starve him. That is exceptionally savage. Pou’s food is different with an assortment of food sources and bites. Be that as it may, recollect, that desserts will cause it to feel more joyful. He eats a ton and he will get greater. It was an extraordinarily warm desire to look at the “youngster” growing up consistently. It makes you want to start a family.

Pou, on the other hand, is in danger of becoming obese as a result of overeating, particularly desserts. So give him a fantastic beverage to help him fatten up quickly. Various more unexplainable types of water increase energy or stimulate appetite. Pou, by the way, looks like a cute kid.

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Pou’s new look

With fashionable design frill, give your pet a cool look. Numerous spectacles, clothes, headgear, and stones are available. There are several clothing for certain occasions, such as Halloween apparition outfits or Santa Claus outfits for Christmas,… You can unlock even more fresh and enticing ensembles as you progress through the levels. Dress Pou in clothes that reflect your style.

Aside from style labels, you can customize Pou’s room by changing the background and even the skin tone. Regardless, Pou’s skin will become dirty and nasty from time to time.

Around then, use a cleanser to wash and back rub it. You will be extremely invigorated and fulfilled. 

A Unique Pet

It’s not a mystery that many individuals today deal with pets in their homes. We have pets since they assist us with moving past difficult stretches as they like to play with us. Be that as it may, we likewise have an obligation which is to deal with our pets as well as intellectually too. In Pou, you’ll appreciate dealing with the most remarkable pet you’ll have at any point see! You’ll be dealing with a piece of garbage that you can refer to as a pet in the game. Download Farmville 2 mod apk and enjoy its exciting features.

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Because this pet behaves like any other pet, you should make it clean up first! To clean your pet, rub some cleanser on it and then wash it off with water. Then you can provide food for your pet, such as chicken, cake, fries, and other items. You should pay attention to your pets’ desires, well-being, weariness, and energy levels. To consistently fill these out, you can complete a variety of activities in the game!


Pou is equipped with 2D illustrations, which is ideal for casual game titles like this.

Impacts and subtleties are handled without a hitch, with cautious speculation, and fastidious. Shading topics are utilized deftly, all around facilitated to bring the experience space splendid, eye-getting. The sound is likewise or more point since it assists with expanding the fun and life of the game. Controls in the game are simple, the majority of the tokens of the hand, needn’t bother with the capacity keys an excess of so advantageous, simple to recognizable. The play space will be advanced a considerable amount on account of this. Instinctive, energized, players will effectively control and care for their pets. 


Pou will suit the individuals who lean toward effortlessness, and delicacy. Fun, simple to play, and won’t make you troublesome in the experience. Possessing numerous extra mini-games will assist you with having some good times and a compelling amusement experience. The game is extraordinary for playing with companions. My Talking Tom was once the legend of pet consideration, and presently it is Pou. Try not to stop for a second to add another second, an incredible encounter anticipates you.



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